BOP Export Awards

Behind the scenes of the 2016 Export awards video

15 March 2016

Behind the scenes of the 2016 Export awards video

On an unseasonably rainy day in mid-February the amazing sponsors of the 2016 BOP Export awards turned back the clock, as they were transformed into 1950’s pin up boys and girls, to star in the infamous Export Awards launch teaser video. As is the nature of our wonderful sponsors, all turned up on the day having no idea what they were about to do, but all willing to play their part in making this year’s video a step up from the last. Needless to say most were relieved that this year there was no dancing or singing required, but instead to put this year’s masterpiece together they all got an opportunity to display some serious acting abilities… Look out Shortie Street!

So into their various 1950’s themed NAC (National Air Corporation) costumes they went, before being whisked away to have their hair styled by Shelley from Adoux creative team, their makeup done by the lovely Mandy at Blush and what a result.

Our Production manager for the day was the creative genius, Lou from Braincell, who kept us all in line and ensured that our acting skills were up to scratch. Being a true professional you might even spot Lou as an ‘air hostess’ offering guests cigars, keep an eye out. While this was all going on, Vinnie and Geoff from Liquid Pictures were keeping those cameras rolling to ensure they captured every facial expression, bum bending move, and the odd flirtatious glance that took place between our travel guests and in flight staff. Not too be outdone by Lou, you may even get a glimpse of Vinnie as the eyebrow raising ‘stewardess’ in the video offering the delicious mussels.

Don’t be surprised if you get caught up in nostalgia while watching this year’s launch video, as a mixture of Toupees (can you spot them?) and authentic 1950's uniforms supplied by the good people at Classic Flyers ensured the experience of 1950's air travel were brought back to life on our glamorous flight. In addition to this, Classic Flyers also enabled us to really bring the 1950's back to life by allowing us to use their venue, accessories and props, as well as feeding the film crew and sponsors to ensure energy levels were high throughout the day.

So, put your seat into the upright position and your tray table away as you are transported into the Golden Age of Air Travel; a lavish era in which your every comfort and requirement is catered.

A big thank you goes to all of the sponsors and supporters of the 2016 ExportNZ Bay of Plenty awards.