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Student Feedback from the E.A.T. Breakfast and 2016 BOP ExportNZ Awards Launch

6 April 2016

Student Feedback from the E.A.T. Breakfast and 2016 BOP ExportNZ Awards Launch

If you missed last month's E.A.T. Breakfast and Export awards launch, then you missed spending time with 50 local year 12 and 13 high-school students – all thanks to Priority One's Instep Programme and a group of fantastic supporting businesses; Beca, Page Macrae Engineering, Southern Produce, Priority One and BNZ Partners.

Read what the students had to say about the event below:

E.A.T. Breakfast Student Feedback

I was lucky enough to attend to the E.A.T breakfast on 15th March where I was given the opportunity to meet and talk with business people, students and teachers from around the Tauranga area. The breakfast was very inspiring with all 3 speakers talking about their passions and what drives their businesses, which helps me personally with our Young Enterprise team this year. We want to build a business that is driven and be a team who works together to achieve success so this breakfast was perfect for the Tauranga Girls’ College YES team as we embark on a journey. One of the most important lessons I learnt from the breakfast was that everyone has to be committed and on board with the idea because it takes a team to build a business, not just one person. I am so pleased that I was able to attend and interact with local businesses to branch out and get new contacts. I would definitely recommend the breakfast to any students in the future!!

The EAT breakfast was hugely interesting and beneficial to me, especially as it complements my production directors position in the TGC Young Enterprise team. I found the Dominion Salt presentation very interesting, as I did think salt mainly went into salt shakers! I loved listening to the business people in Tauranga and trying to incorporate what they had to say into my own thinking. I am very appreciative for being given the opportunity to attend the EAT breakfast and very thankful to the presenters and supporters.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to attend an E.A.T. breakfast. When trying to put my thoughts of the experience on paper, words that come to mind are human resources, success, risk taking, local opportunities. It was interesting to listen to the experiences of others, to communicate with business people and students from other schools. I am sure I will reflect on the messages delivered at this breakfast as I progress through my last year of secondary education. I am involved in the Young Enterprise team and am sure much of what I have learnt can be applied on a lower level to our business venture. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the sponsors of this event for allowing me to be part of this business network.

Aquinas College

I believe it is so important for the students to network with our local business people and hear the interesting stories they have to tell. It builds up the students’ confidence by having to mix and mingle at the beginning and then involve themselves in conversation at the breakfast table. They learn so much from real life experiences.

Gave us lots of ideas to use outside of school. The speakers were inspiring in the way they spoke about innovation. Really enjoyed the breakfast.

Really enjoyed the speakers, and talking to the business people at the tables. Made me really think about what I wanted to do when I leave school.

Mount College Students

It was really good, interesting and I liked being able to mingle with both other students and business people from the community. I found it particularly interesting that all the speakers were passionate about their product/what they did, but all emphasised the importance of learning the “business” side of things which they hadn’t - was a good learning experience.

The business breakfast was a great event that I have learnt a lot from. The knowledge I have attained was invaluable and will have an impact on the decisions I have on the future.  It was a pleasure to be able to meet and talk to both experienced individuals and peers from different schools. I would like to thank the sponsors that allowed me to go to such a worthwhile event and hope them the best in the future.

The business breakfast was a very inspirational event that taught me about what drives local business people. This event has helped make me driven to make my own business someday. Thank you for offering me this opportunity to attend this great event.

I found the ‘EAT Breakfast' morning very interesting and I very much enjoyed getting the chance to meet like-minded people who are involved in the world of business. My favourite speaker was the CEO of Dominion Salt. He was very inspiring. 

I really enjoyed listening to Brent from Volcanic Hills. I found him interesting to listen to as well as inspiring. Overall I appreciated the opportunity. 

Thanks again Jill for this amazing and beneficial event. So inspiring (makes me want to leave teaching and spend more time on my part time business!).

Te Puke Students

I had an amazing time at Tuesday’s breakfast. There were three awesome key speakers Shane Dufaur, Rebecca Anderson and Brent Park. They all had great stories and delivered them with great passion, emphasising that they really love what they do. I also really enjoyed getting the opportunity to meet and mingle with businessmen/women and learn about what inspired them to choose the occupation they currently pursue.

During Shane's speech I learnt that doing research, on things like the best location to manufacture your product, can make your product that much better. I also learnt that salt isn't only used for salt shakers. During Rebecca’s talk I learnt that if you’re truly passionate about an idea you should spend the time learning about the idea, for example Rebecca traveled all the way to Italy to learn about shoe designing. Another thing I took away from her talk was that you should always double check the quality of your product. During Brent’s presentation I learnt that vision is everything, what may be a run-down old house to someone can be your dream location for a winery.

All these speakers had so much wisdom to share and I am very grateful for being given the chance to hear it and learn so much.

Students Mingling

I highly enjoyed the E.A.T. Breakfast & Export Awards Launch as it provided me with such a great insight of my future career path ahead of me. Seeing all of the presenters talk about their different industries with such passion, made me realise that one day that could be me standing up there too. I was inspired by the way that they were not only passionate about their product but also their company and people, they worked to create a better environment for their team building their success culture. This made me inspired because I am a people person and love to meet new people and maintain good relationships with them, it made me realise that business was for me as not only I can work with people but also I can be creative and show my artistic and individual side. 

This overall was a great business experience, meeting business experts and associating with people I don't usually get to meet, I am grateful for the three amazing speakers that presented to us as they have really helped to shape my vision and guide me to where my future lies not far ahead. 

I found the breakfast this morning incredibly interesting and highly insightful. 

As a year 13 business studies student I am very interested in entrepreneurship and innovation and therefore to hear the stories of Shane, Brent and Rebecca was something I highly enjoyed. As part of the business studies course this year we have to create and run an innovative business and therefore the points the three speakers raised about how important it was to have passion and drive behind your businesses has really made me reconsider our product ideas. 

Ruben Clinton – Otumoetai College

I observed that although all three of the speakers are now part of very successful business, it took them some time and a lot of work to come into those positions. As a student in my final year at school it gave me insight on how I should drive towards a career I am passionate in, but not stress if it takes me some time to get to where I want to be. Rebecca, Brent and Shane are all examples on how passion will help me eventually reach my goals. I would definitely recommend it to my peers.

Just letting you know that I had a great time at the EAT Breakfast on 15th March. It was a good opportunity to get inspired by the presentations. I learnt that passion leads to success because without passion there is not much of a driver towards reaching your goals. This will be helpful for our YES business to make something that we as a team are passionate about. Thank you for the opportunity.

The EAT breakfast was most enjoyable, having been given the opportunity to mingle with some of not only the Bays, but New Zealand’s biggest names was an absolute honour. An honour I would highly recommend to anyone given the opportunity. It was quite inspirational to see how much success is in the Bay and being able to rub shoulders with people like this while we are still students is amazing. I learnt quite a bit about how passion breeds success from the guest speakers and I myself was inspired to get back to my group to try and rally my troops. All in all an amazing opportunity that was given to me for which I am most grateful, truly amazing.

Kia Ora whaea, I really enjoyed the EAT breakfast and the korero from the Volcanic Hills representative about Passion, it was something that I carried back to my school and asked our students in assembly. Thank you for this experience.  Naaku noa HineAmiorangi

Overall was really enjoyable and informative. Some really inspiring and entertaining speakers.  Really emphasised that sometimes you have to do things for passion, and success will come by itself.


The EAT Breakfast was good. I learnt lots about passion and it was good to get a free sample of what came out of someone's passion.

The EAT breakfast was a really great experience and I learnt a lot about how a great business idea develops into a well-known product. It was good to hear how there were speed bumps in the businesses that were talked about by the three speakers and how they overcame these. Sitting at the tables with a good spread of people from students to business owners allowed me to talk to, and get ideas from not only adults experienced in business, but also students doing the young enterprise YES program as well.

The EAT breakfast was a good opportunity for the students to mix and mingle with all of the business men and women to learn about them and their businesses. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely go again if the opportunity arises again.

Was a very memorable event, definitely inspirational in the sense that if you put your mind towards something you can do it. 

A big thanks from Mount Maunganui College for giving six of our senior students the opportunity to attend the EAT breakfast. The girls are all part of our Level 3 Business Studies course and most of them intend on pursuing further academic study in the commerce field. To have the opportunity to listen to a range of interesting and informative speakers has only strengthened their desire to enter the world of business. 

My three boys all enjoyed the breakfast. They enjoyed the opportunity to meet other students and business people. They also enjoyed the three speakers, and were able to relate what they talked about to their business that they are running through the Young Enterprise Scheme. Thanks again for the opportunity to attend these breakfast meetings, they are very worthwhile both for teachers and students.

Special thanks to Priority One's Instep Programme and a group of fantastic supporting businesses - Beca, Page Macrae Engineering, Southern Produce, Priority One and BNZ Partners.

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