Exporter of the Year Award

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Business Award

BOP Export Awards

Have you achieved extraordinary and sustainable export growth?

The winner of this Award will demonstrate sustained and outstanding performance and results in terms of:

  • Export earnings, growth and profit
  • Leadership and direction
  • Excellence in marketing
  • Export strategy and business planning
  • Commitment to quality management
  • Governance

Detailed criteria:

The business will have been engaged in generating significant export earnings for that business and New Zealand for more than 5 consecutive years.

Examples of eligible businesses include:

  • any manufacturer and exporter of products
  • any business who exports someone else’s products
  • any exporter of services, including bringing people and foreign exchange into New Zealand (ie. tourism or education)

Examples of businesses who are not eligible:

  • importers of goods or services for consumption or use within New Zealand
  • unrelated companies which simply supply products for someone else to export 
  • traders who only buy finished products in one offshore country for sale in another

If unsure of your company’s eligibility ask this: Is the business receiving a significant part of their turnover in foreign currency and are they doing at least one of the following:

  • marketing overseas?
  • traveling offshore to promote the company?
  • appointing offshore representation?

A minimum of 25% of revenue from exports is required.

The business must administer and manage the export business or business unit from within the catchment area of ExportNZ Bay of Plenty (see map below). The region includes Waihi to the North, Hicks Bay to the East, Taupo & Turangi to the South and east of the Kaimai Ranges.

Administration of export operations include:

  • any export business owned and operated in the Bay of Plenty
  • any business exporting products produced in other regions providing that the trading is managed from the Bay of Plenty
  • any subsidiary of a business located elsewhere provided that the Bay of Plenty subsidiary managed its own exports

Companies who have won an Award in this category in previous years are not eligible to enter for three years following their win.

Entrants in the ‘Export Achievement’ and ‘Excellence in Innovation’ categories may also enter this award.

ExportNZ Bay of Plenty has sole discretion to accept or decline an entry.

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