2016 Bay of Plenty ExportNZ Awards Winners

27 June 2016

2016 Bay of Plenty ExportNZ Awards Winners

Friday the 24th of June was a journey of discovery and success as we celebrated those Bay of Plenty exporters who are ‘flying high’ to export success at the Bay of Plenty ExportNZ awards for 2016.

All five winners for the 2016 event, which is sponsored by Zespri International, were announced at an ‘1950s – Golden Age of Air Travel’ themed awards evening at ASB Baypark stadium lounge in Mount Maunganui. With passengers coming from all over the Bay of Plenty, and further afield, they arrived and were whisked into the departure lounge for a pre-flight drink and awaited their boarding calls before being seated. The dining room was transformed, as if by magic, into the inside of a 1950s aircraft and whilst MC Samantha Hayes and the air hostesses from Total Entertainment Solutionz entertained, the passengers were treated to a delicious 50s style inflight meal including autumn terrine with goat cheese mousse, te mata fig jam and snapper en papillote with fragrant herbs and lemon butter. After a delicious canape dessert passengers were invited to dance to the uplifting swing sounds of the Wellington City Shake-'Em-on-Downers.

The high calibre and volume of companies who were finalists in this year’s awards meant there was serious competition across each and every category with the judging panel commenting that they were extremely impressed by the variety of businesses that entered across a range of industries. But as with any awards, there could only be one winner in each category...

THE YOU Travel 'Emerging Exporter of the Year' Award Winner: Streamland Honey PLANT

About the award: The YOU Travel Emerging Exporter of the Year award celebrates companies, from within the Bay of Plenty, which have made the most remarkable leap forward in start-up exporting. The award is not sector specific and the entrants will have been exporting for less than five consecutive years. 

About Streamland Honey: 

Streamland Honey Plant has been operating since March 2014. They source bulk honeys from all over New Zealand and test and grade those honeys then create their own blends and pack to order. Streamland Honey Plant pack a full range of Manuka honeys, which carry the UMF quality mark. In their range they also have mono-floral honeys. From November 2014 they launched our Lemon 'n Honey product and in 2015 they launched their Cranberry 'n Honey product. The flagship brand is Streamland honey and they also contract pack honey for export. Streamland Honey Plenty focus on producing a high quality product and their customers have appreciated this increasing demand significantly. It is this amazing growth over the past couple of years and the companies’ ability to sustain such growth in a forever changing export environment that made them a finalist for the Bay of Plenty ExportNZ Awards.

Judges’ Comments: 

“Streamland Honey has utilised years of knowledge and in-market relationships to launch this new venture strongly into the NZ Honey Export Market. Having designed their own custom-built plant and differentiated their product range from others, they have maximised their considerable growth of revenue ever since starting only a couple of years ago.”

the Page Macrae Engineering 'Innovation in Export' Award Winner: New Zealand Manuka Group

About the award: The Page Macrae Engineering Innovation in Export award is a special award to recognise a Bay of Plenty business displaying outstanding innovation in exporting.

About New Zealand Manuka Group:

NZ Manuka Group harvests some of New Zealand’s best known natural treasures, and transforms them into distinctly differentiated consumer and medical grade products highly sought after around the world. Seaweed is processed into laboratory grade agar and bio-media; nectar collected by bees from the flowers of Manuka bushes into a range of UMF Manuka Honey and natural health products; and Manuka leaves from the East Cape into Manuka Oil - prized for its high anti-bacterial Beta Triketone content - into a range of Essential Oils and Bio-actives.

Apart from sharing these natural treasures with the world, New Zealand Manuka Group is sharing the exciting opportunity afforded by their strong science commitment, and significant R&D and marketing investment, with an extensive array of stakeholders involved in the business – including beekeepers and landowners via partnership arrangements, and engagement with local communities.

Integral to their planned, managed and controlled growth path New Zealand Manuka Group is now building capability and investing heavily in developing Manuka plantations, propagating and planting Manuka seedlings that will be mechanically harvested.

Judges’ Comments:

“New Zealand Manuka Group is connecting local communities and their natural resources - through a matrix of innovative science, an ethos of environmental sustainability, and smart investment in knowhow and people capability - with customers and consumers worldwide for highly differentiated, highly prized natural essential oils, and health and well-being products that are uniquely New Zealand”

the Beca 'Export Achievement' Award Winner: Phil Caskey, New Zealand Manuka Group

About the award: The Beca Export Achievement award provides an exporter the opportunity to recognise a material contribution to their export success by a particular individual within their company. These nominees are often the unsung heroes of their business.

Bay of Plenty ExportNZ Awards 2016 Page Macrae Engineering Innovation in Export Award Winner – New Zealand Manuka Group, Phil Caskey, Sharon Caskey and Mike Lehan from Page Macrae Engineering

About Phil Caskey: 

Phil Caskey is the visionary founder and driving entrepreneurial spirit behind New Zealand Manuka Group an innovative manufacturer and exporter of Manuka plant products based in Awakeri outside of Whakatane and with operations spread throughout Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Recognising the wider potential of Manuka based products beyond Manuka honey, Phil has driven scientific research into new products, new production facilities and cultivation and harvesting of Manuka plantations for extraction of oil, and the incorporation of that oil and derived Triketones into an ever expanding product range.

From founding the company, through establishing supply partnerships, directing research, developing harvesting and production facilities, Phil has lead from the front, quite literally, in planning his vision, building teams of collaborators, building relationships, harvesting and building the plant and facilities themselves.

In all that he has done, Phil has placed community at the centre of his vision. Through developing collaborative relationships and paying back to the communities of land owners, beekeepers, harvesters and employees Phil has provided meaningful employment, profit sharing and sponsorship opportunities to a very wide cross section of the regional community.

Judges’ comments:

“Phil Caskey’s vision and determination to establish a business that has, at its core, a real commitment to benefiting communities everywhere is a significant achievement in its own right. As Judges, we were impressed with the infectious enthusiasm and dedication that Phil applies in all aspects of his work, he is an inspirational leader to his team and truly cares about his impact in the wider community.”

the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise 'Service to Export' Award Winner: Graeme Marshall

About the award: The New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Service to Export award recognises and honours an individual, who may or may not be directly involved with exporting, but in the view of the judges has made a significant contribution to exporting success in the Bay of Plenty.

Bay of Plenty ExportNZ Awards 2016 New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Service to Export Award Winner – Graeme Marshall with Hon. Todd McClay (left)

About Graeme Marshall: 

Graeme Marshall was raised in Taranaki along with 3 siblings to father Bill Marshall, a Stock and station agent and mother Dawn Marshall, a hairdresser.

At an early age, he was fascinated with the sea and the ships that sailed it. He loved ships; so much that from a young age his walls were ladened with shipping schedules and of his favourite possession, his yacht called Cracker Jack.

Graeme left school and went straight into a job that suited his love of ships, working for freight company Hooker Brothers, then got headhunted for a position in Wellington as a customs broker.

He joined Skellerup Industries in Wellington and eventually became its branch manager at the age of 23.

Graeme’s involvement with ports started when a job opportunity for a trade promotion at Napier Port caught his eye. After that, everything went full steam ahead as he dedicated his life to New Zealand’s port industry. The industry he loves. During his time in Napier he led the establishment of the Export Institute which still exists as ExportNZ today.

After 19 years at Napier Port, ending up as general manager, Graeme joined Port of Tauranga in 1997 as the Commercial Manager. At this time, Sulphur Point had been built but was very much an empty canvas. Graeme was an integral part of building this from the ground up alongside his team.

Graeme genuinely loves people! He listened and learned from the export businesses in the area to understand what it was they needed. This ensure success for NZ Export and trade. And ultimately for the Bay of Plenty region. He also championed the evolution of the Port of Tauranga into a customer focussed organisation and had an overwhelming focus on those who use it – exporters and importers alike.

Graeme does everything through relationships and believes people are key. He has achieved a lot for the export community in the Bay of Plenty, not only through the port, but through mentoring local exporters, and continues to have a significant contribution to business and trade within NZ and this fantastic region.

Amongst his time in shipping, Graeme has also been the Chairman of Tourism Bay of Plenty, the Director & Chairman of Metrobox Ltd, the Chairman of Cruise New Zealand, Business Development for the Timaru Container Terminal, Director of Port Taranaki, Business Development for Northport Ltd to name a few. More recently Graeme is heavily involved in leading Bay of Plenty Export initiatives through his role as a member of the Bay of Connections Governance Group, and he has a strong hand in New Zealand Bio security as the Chairman of the Biosecurity Ministerial Advisory Committee to Nathan Guy

But it’s not all business for Graeme. He has been an active supporter and intern coach for the past seven years at Second Base. This organisation provides values-based leadership programmes in international settings. Graeme has introduced several exporting leaders to Second Base and it is through this introduction and Graeme’s guidance, these business leaders have revolutionised and empowered their own export businesses to success.

Focusing in Nepal, he is also a board member and passionate volunteer of the related charity Face Nepal, which organises child sponsorship and volunteers for community projects.

Overall, Graeme is a community person who has come from the bottom up, working through organisations and following his passion of making difference across the international trade sector.

Comments about the winner:

“Graeme, well done, this is very well deserved. You are a champion for the Bay of Plenty, and are someone who is very passionate about Exports. Graeme has been involved with the Port of Tauranga, as well as the Bay of Connections where he does a lot of work with the government there in supporting regional economic development. Thanks also goes to Graeme for leading my Bio security Advisory Committee – Graeme is a champion for the wider biosecurity system in New Zealand and for that, I want to thank and congratulate Graeme!” – Hon. Nathan Guy, Minister of Primary Industries

“Graeme’s commitment to Bay of Connections over the last five years and we develop our export focused sectors has been just outstanding” – Cheryl Lewis, Bay of Connections Portfolio Manager

“Since he left his full time role at the Port Graeme has continued to give a lot of time to champion export growth from the BOP region. Graeme is an active supporter of the Bay of Connections Regional Growth Strategy and the effort he put in to ensure the voice of exporters was heard during the recent MBIE Regional Growth Study is just one example of his commitment and drive”. – Lionel Crawley, Regional Manager, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

the Sharp Tudhope Lawyers 'Exporter of the Year' Award Winner: Skyline Rotorua

About the award: The Sharp Tudhope Exporter of the Year Award is the big award of the evening, and is for companies who have achieved extraordinary and sustainable export growth. The business will have been engaged in generating significant export earnings for that business and New Zealand for more than five consecutive years.

About Skyline Rotorua: 

Often best known for going downhill fast Skyline Rotorua is absolutely on the up & up, and now even looking at the stars. They have transformed their business, developing a multi-attraction and multi-activity venue providing visitors with a unique and memorable destination experience, while ensuring there is a clear understanding of all aspects of their business and what contributes best to revenue.

The transformation has been both visible out front, and some more behind the scenes. Out front are new Luge Runs, wine tasting facilities, a totally revamped hospitality offering, new retail platforms showcasing New Zealand design, mountain bike track and more - including a dedicated star gazing observatory. Behind the scenes Skyline has introduced their SEE or ‘Skyline Edge for Excellence’ programme, which has paid big dividends in terms of staff involvement and participation enhancing the total visitor experience. Skyline are also extensively involved with Destination Rotorua and a wide range of industry and community stakeholders to ensure major events – national and international, and individual visitors come to Rotorua and have a great time.

Skyline have now taken their original Luge Ride offshore, with fully owned and operated international Luge operations in Calgary & Tremblant in Canada, on Sentosa in Singapore, and the next soon to open in Tong Yeong in South Korea. Skyline has invested significantly in their vision and strategy, and trusted their team to execute and deliver.

Judges’ Comments:

"Skyline has transformed their Rotorua venue into a multi-attraction, multi-activity international tourism experience. Not content with rapidly increased international visitor numbers coming to them they’re now taking their iconic Luge Rides direct to some of their biggest fans in Canada, Singapore and now in South Korea"

A special thanks to all sponsors and event supporters.


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