What you missed at the E.A.T. Breakfast and 2017 & ExportNZ Bay of Plenty Awards Launch

16 March 2017

What you missed at the E.A.T. Breakfast and 2017 & ExportNZ Bay of Plenty Awards Launch

16 March 2017

Missed a spot at EAT Breakfast? Not to worry we thought you might be hungry to hear what went on, so here’s a nifty run-down of the highlights.

Collaboration fuels success

We heard three inspirational speakers share their stories of collaboration, and how integral to the kiwi psyche and their business’ collaboration is. 

The event was made possible, thanks to principal sponsor the University of Waikato #waikatoftw

Judy Finn

The vivacious Judy Finn, Chair of the Family of Twelve and co-owner of Neudorf Vineyards in Marlborough spoke about the viticulture industry in New Zealand and the power of generosity. 


  1. Be generous. When competing internationally, kiwi’s must have an understanding of serving ‘brand New Zealand’ first, then comes ‘brand Marlborough, and lastly comes ‘brand Neudorf’. You have to be willing to sell the New Zealand brand, even if it means talking up your competitor.
  2. Be yourself. New Zealanders by nature, are cooperative and collaborative. The success of the New Zealand wine industry is based on collaboration. Be honest about what is going on for you, your success and your pain-points, everyone benefits. 
  3. Be excellent. Surely no one wakes up passionate about producing an average product? Whatever you do, give it all you’ve got, then you’ll have no shortage of people to collaborate with. 

Fun facts: 

  1. 85% of New Zealand wines exported overseas are sav blanc.
  2. In 2015, New Zealand exported over $1.5 billion dollars of wine… thank goodness because….
  3. 92% of wine sold in New Zealand supermarkets is sold on discount  

Pro-tip from Judy:

Don’t drink wine that has a PO Box number on the back. If someone is not prepared to put their name on the bottle, keep on walking! 

Karl Stevenson

Karl is the Global Marketing Manager for Trimax Mowing Systems and spoke about Trimax’s collaboration practices and the importance of declaring war on your ego. 

Karl Stevenson, Trimax Mowing Systems


  1. ‘Declare war on your ego’. This is the biggest barrier to finding insight. Humans are made to operate in ‘tribes’, but modern culture often fools us into thinking that the ‘I’ is more important than the ‘we’. It’s not true. We work much better, when we leave our ego at the door, and work together. 
  2. Be vulnerable. Create a culture of collaboration within yourself, be humble, take risks, say what you are thinking, be prepared for someone to love your idea, and someone to have a better one. 
  3. Be inclusive. Involving everyone from your staff and customers, to your investors and partners means everyone takes ownership of the problem and the solution. This builds empathy, everyone feels they are heard and valued, and importantly, wrong assumptions can’t fuse into truth. 

Example: In a commendable showing of vulnerability, Trimax shipped an unfinished prototype to a trade show in the UK to get the input and feedback from customers and dealers directly. This resulted in some of best insights the company has ever received, and was a hit with staff and customers alike. 

Challenge from Karl: You are the fuel to the success of collaboration. 

Anna Guenther

Anna Guenther is the founder, CEO and 'Chief Bubble Blower' of PlegdeMe, an online crowdfunding platform. She inspired us with stories of the transformative power of collaboration. 


  1. PledgeMe’s mission is to help kiwis find the things they care about. Anna is passionate about helping kiwis to work together to make good things happen. We’ve always had to work together to survive as humans. We shouldn’t stop now. The technology available now, only enables more collaboration. 
  2. Don’t stop talking. ‘The biggest thing, when something bad is happening is to communicate’.
  3. Start now. Set goals, set deadlines, offer something in return. Be brave.

Awards launch 

Drum roll please…. The theme for this year’s ExportNZ Bay of Plenty Awards is…
C A R N I V A L !! 

If you haven’t already, check out the awards video on our home page.

Thinking of entering the ExportNZ Bay of Plenty Awards? Enter the awards now, or nominate an outstanding business or individual you know should be involved. 

Buy your tickets, you don’t want to miss out on attending the extravaganza! 

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