2018 Bay of Plenty ExportNZ Awards Winners

28 June 2018

Exporters from across the Bay of Plenty region celebrated the finalists and five winners of the Bay of Plenty ExportNZ Awards 2018, sponsored by Zespri, at an Alice in Wonderland themed event on the 21st of June. 

The Awards’ head judge, Barry Squires, owner of Golden Acres Orchards previously of Westpac NZ, says, “It is fantastic to see so many successful Bay of Plenty exporting businesses doing so well on the global stage. Export awards judging is very rewarding and enjoyable!”

Read below about the winners’ businesses and the judges’ comments on why they won.


BeeNZ:  Winner of YOU Travel Best Emerging Business Award

BeeNZ is a family-owned and operated business based in Katikati.  What makes BeeNZ exceptional is that it manages the entire journey of the honey from hive to bottle, overseeing the apiaries, extraction, processing and export. In 2015 David and Julie Hayes built a new honey processing facility with the latest processing and packing technology. BeeNZ’s investment has seen spectacular sales growth in international markets. 

Judges’ comments: 

·       “BeeNZ are very engaged, exceptional at building relationships and have a very positive can-do attitude.

·       “Their factory/facility has been built to a very high standard with the future in mind. To have the vision, belief and confidence to build a facility of such high quality so early on demonstrated a huge belief in the future, which has now paid off for them.

·       “Both Julie and David complement each other and they are focused on building a strong, diversified and sustainable business while supporting everyone around them."


Genera: Winner of the Page Macrae Engineering Excellence in Innovation Award

Genera is at the forefront of sustainable biosecurity services in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific, providing biosecurity treatment of stored grains and produce, phytosanitary compliance, and pest management services. Genera was established in 1975 by Mark Greenwood, who was awarded an Order of Merit in 2016 for services to biosecurity. Genera remains a 100 per cent New Zealand, family-owned company and is New Zealand’s largest biosecurity treatment provider.

Judges’ comments:

·       “The processes Genera has developed and followed have provided ensure sustainability in an innovation sense.

·       “They have outstanding commitment and investment by senior management and the board to such a crucial industry to the prosperity of the Bay of Plenty. Without this investment and innovation, the very industry itself may well be compromised.

·       “Mark and his team deserve every accolade for such a focused and goal-driven approach to solving worldwide issues, with sustainability, environmental protection and health and safety as compelling drivers.”


Ziwi: Winner of the Sharp Tudhope Lawyers Best Medium - Large Business Award

Ziwi is a premium pet nutrition company using 100 per cent New Zealand meats and seafoods in the food it makes for dogs and cats. Established in 2004 as ZiwiPeak Ltd, the company has recently rebranded to Ziwi while also expanding its scale and operations this year, to a second Christchurch facility.

Judges’ comments: 

·       “Ziwi has undergone significant growth in the past couple of years and is well positioned for further growth.

·       “With a clear and well thought out strategy this is a business well worth keeping a watch on. The business is in a strong growth phase, and commensurate investment is being made in people, relationships, markets and capital expenditure.

·       “Overall a very impressive business in terms of performance, strategy, the focus on staff wellbeing and the general ethos adopted by management."


Stuart Hazeldine at Sequal: Winner of the Beca Export Achievement Award

At the forefront of the lumber company’s export growth approaching $50 million annually has been sales manager, Stu Hazeldine. For the first five years of the 10-year-old company he was solely responsible for all sales. Stu is a pioneer who has been relentless in his pursuit of value-add export opportunities in markets where New Zealand wood products previously had no presence. His dedication has often resulted in a significant level of self-sacrifice and grown the company’s markets to 25 countries.

Judges’ comments:

·       “Sequal's primary markets before the Global Financial Crisis in the late 2000s were in the Middle East where customers ceased purchasing construction timber. Sequal had to quickly develop new markets or face going out of business.

·       “David Turner, executive director of Sequal, credits Stuart with saving the company through his persistence and ability to develop long term relationships with customers.

·       “He described Stuart as a pioneer. Stuart's dedication not only to understanding his customers but supporting his team in New Zealand to understand their role in serving customers, was very clear. Stuart shows a fantastic team player attitude, spending time in the mill when not on the road.

·       “His travel commitments are very demanding, requiring a great deal of resilience.

·       “His enjoyment of creating new opportunities for export was apparent. A strong and inspiring contribution to export growth and achievement - taking on big challenges and succeeding through knowledge of the product and genuine passion in developing sales.”


Greg and Mandy Jarvis of Bluelab Corporation: Winners of the ExportNZ Service to Export Award

Husband and wife team Greg and Mandy Jarvis of Bluelab Corporation have been huge givers who have been said to help any exporter or business if and when needed.

In 2000 they bought NZ Hydroponics, which they re-branded as Bluelab in 2004. Its product range of alkaline/acidity meters and controllers, and nutrient meters and controllers, measure parameters such as pH, conductivity and temperature for managing crop health. The products are used worldwide in applications from home-based hydroponics to commercial food-growing environments.

The couple quickly became part of the business community and worked hard at growing the team and developing the brand.

They were also involved in the Rotary club, ExportNZ, and Icehouse. Since then they have also contributed to their Lean Manufacturing Cluster, Priority One and Instep, PlantTech, local schools and more; often flying under the radar.

The judges say that as a team the two complement each other: engineer-qualified Greg, chief executive, as a thoughtful and caring leader and a strategic thinker; and nurse-trained Mandy, operations manager, organised and methodical, creating an operational environment at Bluelab that is absolutely best in class. 

Core to the growth of Bluelab is the people. Both Greg and Mandy have always encouraged contribution from across the team and valued input. This approach is reflected across the entire business worldwide and it’s also reflected in the way customers interact with the company and its people.

Being not afraid to ask for help is one of the reasons they likely got ahead. And this works the other way too, with Greg and Mandy both known to be only too happy to help and support the exporting and wider business community, as well as the local community in general.

They have given of their own and their staff’s time, helping with teacher professional development, donating equipment for school science laboratories and sponsoring science resource kits that are used constantly in Western Bay of Plenty primary and intermediate schools.

Greg has been a strong supporter of ExportNZ Bay of Plenty over many years and a member of its executive committee, becoming co-chair in 2008-2009. He is still on the committee to this day. And Mandy stepped into the ExportNZ role of executive officer in 2006 which she job-shared with Maggie Hope.

Sharing their knowledge, learnings and time has been integral to who they are as a couple, to the benefit of the Bay of Plenty export community.

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