NZ Exporters: 9 tips for visiting your market

15 June 2016

NZ Exporters: 9 tips for visiting your market

Exploring a new market?

If so, there’s no substitute for simply going there.

And with this in mind, we've put together 9 ‘back-to-basics’ tips for exporters.

9 go to market tips for kiwi exporters

1. Get a great suitcase

With the amount of time you’ll be spending overseas, your suitcase will become your new best friend – so choose one that makes your life easy, so you can focus on doing business.

Pro-tip: Choose one with great wheels (hint: Voyager Luggage is worth checking out)

2. Get the local social media app

What are the most-used apps in your market?

Install them, use them and keep using them once you’re back on home turf. For example, WeChat is huge in China.

3. Plan around a tradeshow

If you’re heading to your market, you might as well make the most of your visit.

Aligning your stay with a relevant tradeshow or event can help you build the most contacts in the shortest possible time.

Check out NZTE’s guide to attending a trade show for more info.

4. Wear out shoe-leather

Like it or not, there’s no substitute for spending time on the ground in your market.

‘Shoe-leather-exporting’ is about spending time face-to-face with your customers and contacts – and it’s about getting to know the city, the people, the culture and the environment of your market.

5. Find and and use expat Kiwi’s

If you need on-the-ground support in your market, why not use an expat Kiwi?

Kea has over 500,000 Kiwi expat’s to call on – and they even have an app.

Learn more about Kea.

6. Use Regus virtual offices (global network)

Having a meeting place will make things easier when you're in market. With Regus, you can book a meeting room to use as your own, with minimal hassle.

Learn more about Regus.

7. Use The MFAT FTA Tarrif Finder website

The tariff finder website is designed to help goods exporters maximise benefits from New Zealand’s Free Trade Agreements.

Goods exporters can use it to check the tariff applying under each FTA.

Use the FTA Tarriff Finder tool now. 

8. Tell your NZ story

In global terms, New Zealand is well regarded for it’s people and it's approach to doing business – so don’t forget to leverage this when you’re in market.

For free resources see

Pro-tip: Put a silver fern sticker on your suitcase (you never know who'll notice it)

9. Find a good travel agent

When you’re spending thousands of dollars a year on flights, it pays to have someone looking for the best deal – and taking care of the details.

We recommend YOU Travel (sponsor of our Export Awards)


A special thanks to our executive committee for compiling the list above.

Need help?

We’re here to help NZ exporters achieve their goals.

Contact us if you need a hand, or if you have your own tips to share.

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